Loading test by O-cell technique or static loading test

Determine data about compressive strength, deformation, and the relationship between loading – transposition


Our processes

Static loading: Under pressure, pile settles in the ground. Pressure effects on pile head which is performed by hydraulic jack combined with reaction force ̣of loading system, anchor or both. Data of loading, transposition, deformation… is serviced for analyses, assess the capacity of load bearing and relationship between loading and transposition of pile in ground.

O-cell: O-cell works on the principle of balancing the pile shaft load capacity above and below the O-cell, as well as the pile toe’s load capacity. To help transfer the jack load along the pile length, an I-section steel beam system is installed above and below the O-cell box. The I-section steel beam system is then transmitted evenly to the pile body to avoid damage to the pile due to the material.

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