Extremely high load-bearing characteristics

Be constructed to great depths to carry exceptionally high loads, withstand very high bending moment

The simplest geometry is rectangular, but they can also be formed in T, L, X and H shaped configurations. They are often used to support mega-columns in super-structures where multiple piles in groups would be required.

Our processes

Guide wall construction: Construct reinforced concrete guide wall or install steel guide wall (pre-fabricated). Guide wall guides excavation tools, support the execution of panel.

Excavation: Excavating by excavation crane with support slurry to the design depth. Cleaning the trench.

Reinforcement: Reinforcement cage should be installed into the trench after process of cleaning trench had done. Fabracation of steel cage on the platform of site, composed one or some cages. Lifting steel cage into trench. The segments of cage should be connected at the position of trench.

Concreting: Concrete should be poured by tremie pipe. Place workability concrete into tremie pipe. Slurry replaced by concrete will be pumped out.


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