Improved settlement and load-bearing characteristics

The ultimate capacity of pile can be enhanced by grouting shaft after it has been constructed

Grout is injected at high pressure through the TAMs into the ground to consolidate the soil’s characteristics. Soletanche Bachy has its own in-house control system, called SPICE.

Our processes

Fabric pipe: A sleeve pipe (tube à manchette) will be incorporated into reinforcement cages. The sleeved have smooth internal surface and perforations covered by rubber, which act as non-return valves.

Water cracking: 12 hours after concreting pile, the sleeves are cracked using high-pressure water.

Mixing: Mixing of cement grout ingredients are conducted in the following orders: Water-Bentonite-Cement-Admixtures.

Grouting: Proceed after at least 5 days since the completion of concreting. Start from the lowest manchettes. Grout is injected by PH2×5 pumps until the stopping criteria are met.

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