Plunge columns are used in top-down or semi-top-down basement construction

Act in temporary condition to carry slab and structural loads, or as permanent load-bearing elements

Plunge columns are structural steel sections that are inserted into bored piles, while the concrete is still fresh. They can also be installed in barrettes with thicknesses normally 1,000mm or greater.

Our processes

At the factory, the processing of plunge column fabrication is carried out including the main stages: Steel Cutting- Assembly-Welding-Completing. Main kingpost usually connected with a dolly.

After pile is finished concreting and extracted tremie pipe:

– Guide frame is placed on the wall of the casing, which positions the plunge column and serves as a support. 

– Lower kingpost through the guide frame into the pile. Check the actual coordinates and level compared with the design parameters and calibrate if necessary. Fixed plunge column to the guide frame.

– After at least 24 hours, remove dolly, guide frame and backfill to ground level.

Sometimes kingpost is installed before concreting process.


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