The most traditional and still the most ubiquitous piles worldwide

Suitable for carrying very high loads and coping with extremely challenging ground conditions

It can be either onshore or offshore. Interchangeable tools to suit all ground conditions. Supplementary techniques available to improve performance of standard pile.

Our processes

Setting out: Use total station to determine pile position.

Casing install: Making hole, install and fix casing.

Drilling: Drilling by drill rig (bucket and kelly bar) with support slurry to the design depth. Cleaning the bored hole.

Reinforcement: Reinforcement cage should be installed into the borehole after process of cleaning had done. Fabrication of steel cage on the platform of site, composed some cages. Lifting steel cage into hole. The segments of cage should be connected at the position of borehole.

Concreting: Concrete should be poured by tremie pipe. Place workability concrete into tremie pipe. Slurry replaced by concrete will be pumped out. A concreting curve is plotted during the pour to detect any under-consumption.

Remove casing: The temporary casing is removed, then backfill head pile to ground level.


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