We are the first contractor introduced diaphragm wall technique in Vietnam

We implement d-wall solutions adapted to your needs, whatever the constraints of your work site

Diaphragm walls are ideal for use in water-bearing ground. The wall can be used as either a temporary or permanent structure. Created for all types of structures – underground stations, buildings, car parks, tanks, dams.

Our processes

Construction of guide wall: Guide wall is two parallel reinforced concrete beams built along the diaphragm wall. Guide wall guides excavation tools, support the execution of panel.

Setting out: Using total station and approval coordinates in order to determine position of panel on the guide wall’s surface. Marking to help determine excavated area.

Excavation: Excavating by excavation crane with support slurry to the design depth. Cleaning the trench.

CWS framework: Waterstop mounted to the CWS. Installing CWS into two sides of trench. CWS works as frame work

Reinforcement: Reinforcement cage should be installed into the trench after process of cleaning trench had done. Fabrication of steel cage on the platform of site, composed one or some cages. Lifting steel cage into trench.

Concreting: Tremie pipe installation. Place workability concrete into tremie pipe. Slurry replaced by concrete will be pumped out. Using a full length tremie tube which is extracted incrementally during concreting ensuring that a minimum embedment.


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