Micropiles are drilled piles with a diameter less than 300mm

An economical solution where numerous obstructions must be overcome before reaching founding strata

Often the structural component is a “self-drilled” hollow bar fitted with a sacrificial drill bit with grout flushed through its center.

Our processes

1. Mixing of bentonite slurry. Checking quality of slurry through their characteristics: Marsh viscosity, density, pH.

2. Drilling machine is set up at the pilling position. Set up slurry supplying pipe.

3. Starting drilling borehole. Verifying the verticality during drilling by spirit level or plummet.

4. Mixing of bentonite cement mortar. Checking quality of mortar.

5. After drilling work, replacing slurry by bentonite cement mortar from bottom upward. Once appearing of mortar on the ground, removing drill bar. Pouring thoroughly mortar during removing process in order to fulfill borehole.


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