Supporting excavations – Resisting tensile loads – Pinning – Nailing

A load transfer system designed to transfer the forces applied to it to a competent stratum

An anchor is generally said to be temporary if it has a lifespan of under 18 months and permanent if the lifespan is over 18 months. An anchor comprises 3 parts: – The head, transmitting force to the structure – The free length of tendon – The bond length.

Our processes

• Drill borehole: diameter 100-200mm, depending on the dimensions of the anchor body, at the appropriate angle, using a drill rig and drilling fluid to suit soil conditions.

• Clean borehole: replace drilling fluid with grout.

• Insert the ground anchor.

• Once the grout has set, the bond length may be pressure-grouted with cement grout.

• A period of 2 to 5 days, depending on ground and grout type, is left between the final grouting and anchor tensioning.

• The anchor head protection is added after tensioning is validated.


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