Here come the reinforcements! Looking to stabilize underground construction? The STABOU software developed by Soletanche Bachy helps achieve top-quality diaphragm walls and significantly reduce the cost and time of repairs for contractors during the basement construction phase.


Permanent diaphragm walls are among the most commonly used retaining wall solutions in buildings with two or more basements in Vietnam. But one decisive step determines the success or failure of diaphragm walls, and that is excavation.

The excavation stability depends on many factors, namely geology, groundwater level, and surcharge, which is why a well-planned dig depends on a geotechnical engineer to calculate and decide the trench slurry density and viscosity level throughout the burrowing process.

To simplify this step even further, the STABOU uses advanced standards based on the German DIN 4126 by Meyerhof (1972), which Bachy Soletanche Vietnam has applied with resounding success in a myriad of projects all across the country.

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