“It’s the little things that makes all the difference” – Admin and HR team of BSV. Their mission? To act as the backbone of the company and apply deep knowledge of the job and organizational system.

To accomplish our goals during the Covid-19 pandemic, it calls for adapting to change and being flexible is a must. During the lockdown of Ho Chi Minh City, these top 3 points are the day-to-day behind the scenes of the HR team that has led to BSV employees becoming one of the earliest people to be vaccinated!

1) Actively prepare necessary works for Covid-19 vaccination,
2) Work with insurance corporation to give BSV employees the highest protection under the company health care insurance policy during Covid-19 Pandemic,
3) Study state policy to help employees affected by Covid-19 receive support packages from the government at the soonest.

And to ensure full legal compliance is achieved, the Admin team fulfilled these actions in their top 3:

1) Ensures new regulation/ information/ correspondence are updated in a timely manner to the right departments and people in charge,
2) Ensure necessary document were delivered in appropriate ways,
3) Provide good support for teams of work from home besides our IT good platform

Give the Admin and HR team a thumbs up in their commendable efforts to build a safe workplace for all!

Have you got your jab yet?


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