There are plenty of solutions to support excavations for high-rise buildings in Vietnam today, but which is the best?

Solutions for site conditions like this vary from using diaphragm walls in combination with steel bracing systems, to ground anchoring systems (in bottom-up construction methods) and using diaphragm wall in combination with basement floor beams to support (in top-down construction methods).

When suitable geotechnical and hydrological conditions align, the ground anchor system is a simple and effective solution at low cost. It’s also timesaving in the whole construction progress. With this, basement contractors are able to excavate inside quickly, and install steel for slabs and beams easily.

With the experience of the design and construction engineering team onsite, the calculation of bearing capacity of the diaphragm wall and the ground anchor system is carefully performed using specialized software such as Paroi2009, Cacao, and Kranz, developed by the Soletance Bachy Group.

The innovative ground anchor system was applied in 2 projects, namely the Vietcombank Hanoi and the headquarters building of the Electricity of Vietnam (EVN), and earned high appreciation from project investors for the technique and ability to coordinate smoothly with basement contractors.

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