Ever seen a double Diaphragm wall? It’s not customary in the industry to double-up, but for the case of Lancaster Luminaire, it was a special exception.

Due to the change in ownership, the scale of construction increased, to build higher and deeper. For the new basement structure, an additional diaphragm wall was designed 200mm beside an old diaphragm wall that exists for 10 years ago. This parallel system known as the double diaphragm wall was verified and turned into reality by BSV based on our proprietary software from Soletanche Bachy Group.

The tricky part was during the bulk excavation stage. In the images, you see the grab makes a trench of 0.8 m in thickness first, then it enlarges this trench toward the old wall to ensure the double diaphragm walls have good contact between each other.

In the construction game, plans often change and flexibility is key. It’s all about solving rigidity with originality and experience, don’t you agree?

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